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VCAP DCD 5 – Next Steps…

I often read and share blogs but rarely blog my own experiences. I want to give back to the blogging community and hopefully in the process help others along the way.

Often it is due to time – lack of time hopefully I can manage to keep up this blog.

First post! (Well sort of…)

What to share? Certification process for the DCD. I am planning to take the VCAP DCD5. Everything you’ve heard about the difficulty of the exam is true. The length of the exam alone is daunting enough, but to appreciate the level of expertise, experience, knowledge required for demonstration of mastery if a specific skillet requires you to read the blueprint VCAP DCD 5 blueprint

From the blueprint:

Successful candidates should have a deep understanding of the following three bodies of knowledge:
1. VMware core components and their relation to data center components such as storage and networking components.
2. Data center design methodologies and principles.
3. Application and infrastructure services, their relationship to the virtual infrastructure, and the
integration with that environment.

It is a Design exam. That in itself says a lot.

Time to study some more. ..