Kubernetes and you

So if you haven’t been under a rock.. you know the latest hotness is Kubernetes.

13629408“Automated container deployment, scaling, and management”

It’s origins is from a internal Google’s Borg system and in development Kubernetes was called Project Seven, a nod to a friendlier Borg. See the seven spokes of the Kubernetes icon. But the name:  Kubernetes originates from Greek, meaning helmsman or pilotK8s is an abbreviation derived by replacing the 8 letters “ubernete” with “8”.

Seven of Nine
Borg: Seven of Nine

Kubernetes is definitely enterprise class but how do you get availability to explore and learn more about K8s??

Here are some online sites to get started:

Tutorial:  Official Kubernetes Tutorial


The K8S tutorial you get your understanding fast tracked!

Once you have completed the tutorial you will understand the basics.

Cluster, Nodes, Pods, Apps: Deploying, Scaling and Updating

Some cool things to know. NOTHING TO INSTALL. You don’t even have to type.

The right side of the screen is the online linux terminal. It can be used as a regular console (you can type commands). Clicking on the blocks of code followed by the ENTER sign will execute that command in the terminal.

The left side area is the instructions for the lesson.

Just follow along with each of the 6 modules to get a good understanding of K8S.

Online Tutorial Screenshot.

Next post will cover reproducing the online terminal experience on your laptop. Introducing: minikube.


There are some advanced features not available online but you can have the flexibility to explore with your own DEV environment.




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