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What is it: 

“The vVNX Community Edition (also referred to as vVNX) provides a flexible storage alternative for test and development environments.”

SDS = Software Defined Storage!!
Download a full-featured version of vVNX available for non-production use without any time limits.”
File type: *.ova
File Size: 2.1 GB
Release date: 5/4/2015
Version: 3.1.2

Download here! https://www.emc.com/products-solutions/trial-software-download/vvnx.htm

Architecture and functionality:

White Paper details: vVNX Community Edition https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-44552

Installation Guide: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-42029


Before you can obtain and activate the trial vVNX license, you must have completed the following tasks:

  1. Registered to create a product support account.
  2. Downloaded the vVNX software.
  3. Installed vVNX.
  4. Launched Unisphere.
The Configuration  runs when you log in to Unisphere for the first time.
  1. Note the vVNX system UUID provided on the License dialog in the Configuration Wizard.
  2. Go to the Electronic License Management System (ELMS) download page at www.emc.com/auth/elmeval.htm
  3. Click Obtain evaluation license for vVNX.
  4. Enter the vVNX system UUID and select vVNX as the product type. 
  5. Click Download to save the license to your local system.
    Note: An email confirming that you have successfully obtained the evaluation license is sent to the email address you provided when you registered.
  6. Return to the License dialog in the Configuration Wizard and click Install License File
  7. Locate the license file, select it, and click Upload to install and activate it. 

Note: Do not repeat this procedure once you have saved the license and received the confirmation email. If you try to enter the vVNX system UUID again, you will receive a “Duplicate UUID” error message.


EMCWorld 2015 – Redefine Next … two big items to consider



One “little” event, but this one event is in truth packed with so much activity;  you can actually feel the energy in the air.  For those who don’t know what it is about: EMC World is about: cloud computing, virtualization, Big Data storage and analytics, and IT security and protection. Each individual item alone is enough for a 4 day conference but all together under one roof. It is a lot to take in.

There is a wide audience in attendance: Vendors, Customers, Partners. So basically a little (or a lot) of something for everyone. There are multiple tracks in each topic: beginner, Intermediate and advanced. And there are different focus areas to learn about.

EMC isn’t just about storage, sure it is at its core DNA, but there is so much more to EMC than storage. If you don’t think so .. look at this:

EMC {code}


There are currently 33 Public Repos in development, not counting any forks.

Storage isn’t just about LUNS, RAID Groups and IOPS. No sir/ madam. DevOps is alive and well and pushing the envelop, really maximizing the technology under the hood. Making things happen you never thought possible, but more importantly redefining Next.. the next use case, the next different way to do things.

And if you are ready.. look at this current offering that well, is more mature than you might think. Don’t assume All Flash Arrays are equal. Today lots of different vendors are offering a flash array of some kind, hybrird or 100% All Flash array options.

I had a conversation recently and told my colleague I am storage agnostic, as I have worked with just about every storage vendor out there. BUT that doesn’t every storage is for everyone. You can’t force one-size fit all for storage.

There are requirements and understanding those requirements, well that is my job.




Today I had the opportunity to meet some very incredible individuals. It may be over-used by “passionate” is what this guy is about. The details shared, I cannot discuss publicly at this time, but WOW. xtremIO 4.0 release isn’t a maintenance release it is HUGE.. to paraphrase “4.0 release is a big deal, if not as big a deal as the 1.0 release.”

Read more here:



Here is one thing to really dig deep into:

Think about how you do business today. What do you have in production? What is working? What could work better?

How could it work better?

Do you expect your Application development team to turn on a dime to adopt something new and shiny?

Agility may be a buzz word, but the cost to re-tool is a big deal. I mean, cap-ex is only one dimension. OpEX and adoption rate is not a small deal. If you have invested effort, evaluate how to make your TCO maximize the ROI. Buzz words or reality? You can’t expect to drop everything and jump to the latest and greatest just “because”. Nope. That is irresponsible. The luxury of a greenfield deployment isn’t something everyone has at their disposal.


Hint: dig deeper into “Snapshots” find about how to really leverage this for your organization.

More thoughts to consider later. Sure there are fun and games, but EMCWorld is a lot of game changing information to absorb. The theme this year is “Redefine Next” what is your next step? what is your next technology investment? Who will be on your side to put your organization in pro-active quadrant? How will you empower your team/company/self for the next 90, 180 days? How about the next fiscal year?

more later.