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Software Defined Storage: VMware VVOL

Closer to reality… Closer to GA

Yesterday VMware announced public beta2 for vsphere6 and VVOL.

Why separate Beta programs?

While vSphere 6 can be leveraged ontop of most existing hardware that supports vSphere 5.5; not all storage vendors will be ready for VVOL.

All major storage vendors will be supporting the new VVOL feature. And the impact of this is very big.

But let’s start with some background information….

What is VVOL

**please note the capital V 🙂

VVOL is a new paradigm — a standard, a model, template for storage. You won’t be doing storage like you have in the past; well not 100% the same. Sure you will have the traditional tasks a storage admin will have to do for fabric based storage arrays.. but what makes things really interesting is what I call the integration point.

Currently Storage arrays are not VM aware; VVOL changes that. I guess you can call it adding more “intelligence” to your storage.

The conversation is storage meet this VM/Application. It isn’t about just consuming a LUN, but more about making a VMDK a native object on the storage system.

This point/ intersection is where the conversation should grab your attention.

I won’t try to recap what the status quo is today for storage and vmware, but know this: it is complex. Time consuming at a high operational cost and requires specialized training to ensure availability, management of SLA: performance and capacity.

Very important reference reading: (much more detailed information)

Cormac Hogan’s blog:


Duncan Epping:


Chad Sakac



VMworld 2013 VVOL Session

VMworld 2012 VVOL Session


And when you are ready… go and DO THE BETA! (or at least join the beta community and learn all you can!!)

Rawlinson shows you all about the beta and examples of storage vendors using VVOL




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